Company Formations Tip – Advantages of a Limited Company

As long as the business is operated legally and within the terms of the Companies Act, directors or shareholders personal assets are not at risk in the event of a winding up or receivership. Operating as a limited company often gives suppliers and customers a sense of confidence in a business. Larger organisations in particular […]

Company Formations Tips – The Company Register

When forming a company in Zambia, the company must have a registered office within the country as an essential requirement. If you don’t have a Zambian registered office, you can use agents such as Nitram Management Consultants to provide this for you. This type of service involves use of their Zambian address and they will […]

Company Formations Tips Incorporation Basics

Company Formations Tips – Incorporation Basics Maintain healthy business procedures like keeping specific records and accounts, filing necessary government documents, and holding regular shareholder meetings or getting written consents or waivers from directors and shareholders. Get Your Company Name Right the First Time Choose your company name carefully. If you change it later, you will […]

Zambian Company Registration Experts

With the constant change of laws and regulations in today’s world, businesses need a competent team to handle their compliance anxiety. At Nitram Management Consultants, we guide business owners in all areas of the business environment. We are a consulting firm located in Lusaka, Zambia offering a complete, one stop solution in Zambian company registration, […]