Company Formations Tips – The Company Register

When forming a company in Zambia, the company must have a registered office within the country as an essential requirement. If you don’t have a Zambian registered office, you can use agents such as Nitram Management Consultants to provide this for you. This type of service involves use of their Zambian address and they will forward all corresponding mail to you.

As mentioned above, the details of the consenting Company Secretary need to be stated in the company register. It is strongly recommended that a Company Secretary is appointed to ensure that all company secretarial matters are dealt with correctly, be it a director of the company or a professional secretary. Nitram Management Consultants can register your company and act as the Company Secretary, the duties of which could include:

  • Statutory filing requirements
  • Convening meetings and arranging all related documents, such as preparing the agenda or minutes
  • Keeping the companies Registers up to date
  • Communicating with shareholders
  • Company Appearance

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