Company Formations Tips Incorporation Basics

Company Formations Tips – Incorporation Basics

Maintain healthy business procedures like keeping specific records and accounts, filing necessary government documents, and holding regular shareholder meetings or getting written consents or waivers from directors and shareholders.

Get Your Company Name Right the First Time

Choose your company name carefully. If you change it later, you will need to amend your Articles of Incorporation, change your domain name, obtain new listings in telephone and other directories, and purchase new stationery and business documents. Do your homework and get the name right the first time.

Incorporate Where You Do Business

Unless you’re already a big player on the international scene, you shouldn’t consider incorporating where you don’t do business — regardless of their corporation-friendly claims. If you are doing all or a majority of your business in Zambia, look no further to incorporate. Otherwise, you will end up paying additional fees and filing more paperwork.

Your Company Name and Domain Name Should Be the Same

If possible, your corporate name should bear some relation to your company’s domain name. But because of the international aspects of the Internet, the selection of a domain name increases the possibilities that you will be unable to use your first choice of a domain name.

Hire a Company Formation Agent to Help You Incorporate

A firm specializing in startup business like Nitram Management Consultants will generally charge very minimal fees for assisting you with the incorporation process. They can help you fill out the documents necessary for incorporating, explain the process and review the paperwork you have filled out prior to filing. Incorporation costs will increase if you have multiple shareholders or complicated shareholder arrangements.

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