Customs Consultancy

Customs procedures are an area that is often left to Freight Forwarders and Clearing Agents, who may not have the necessary qualifications or knowledge of Customs processes to maximize duty savings of the client.

Nitram Management Consultants provides professional services in all principal Customs areas including:

  1. Goods Classification

Imports must be classified in accordance with the Harmonized System, a standardized system of names and numbers to classify traded goods. Among other things, such classification determines the rate at which duty is paid and the availability of special tariffs.

The Harmonized System has thousands of codes designed to cover every possible product. Nitram Management Consultants specializes in find the best classification for merchandise within these codes. Our consultants provide guidance in determining:

  • most favorable duty rate available.
  • the availability of special tariff programs which eliminate, reduce or defer duties.
  • the applicability of import restrictions, quotas or special licensing requirements.
  • the possibility that product modifications will result in a different classification with a lower rate of duty.
  1. Rules Of Origin

Mainly due the establishment of free trade areas where goods produced and traded within those areas benefit from tariff concessions, rules for determining the origin of imported merchandise have evolved in response to the fact that many items are the result of production processes and sourcing strategies which involve multiple countries. Nitram Management Consultants provides clients with expert advice that ensures that production processes adopted by clients do not compromise Rules of Origin and deprive the client of much needed duty savings.

  1. Clearing & Fowarding

We have presence at all boarders and can clear all cargo types swiftly. Unlike many other clearing agents who believe that it is the importers responsibility to ensure compliance with Customs regulations, we understand that a Clearing Agent should offer a service above and beyond this in order to assist the client and be more pro-active in its handling of the task.