Business Financial Management Fundamentals

The basic goals of financial management in a business context are to make funds available for:Investments for expansion and maintenance. Working capital for operations· Providing returns to business owners. Corporate finance and small business finance managers seek to maximize shareholder/owner value and returns by: Monitoring the ROI of each investment·Leveraging debt to increase returns on […]

Business Plan Template

The template is sold as a soft copy as it comes with great features that are better used in electronic format. Notable of these features are the following spreadsheets: If you are trying to write a business plan to help you obtain finance for your business, this template is the cheapest way to drafting a […]

Company Formations Tips – Incorporation Basics

Maintain healthy business procedures like keeping specific records and accounts, filing necessary government documents, and holding regular shareholder meetings or getting written consents or waivers from directors and shareholders. Get Your Company Name Right the First Time Choose your company name carefully. If you change it later, you will need to amend your Articles of […]

Types of Business Plan

Many businesses are simply not good candidates for bank financing. Generally any early stage business that involves new technology, innovative business services, practices, products or concepts will be unable to obtain bank financing. Most technology business plans (Internet, Information Technology, biotech, cleantech), and green or sustainable business plans fall into this category. These types of […]

Debt and Equity Financing: Which Option, when?

Debt and equity financing are two different financial strategies: Taking on debt means borrowing money for your business, whereas gaining equity entails injecting your own or other stakeholders’ cash into your company. Debt Financing Business owners may have some trepidation about borrowing from a financial institution, as it means relinquishing some cash profits. But it […]

Tailor Your Business Plan toThe Traget Audience

Your bank will be interested in: Most lenders operate a credit-scoring system. Make sure you give up-to-date and relevant information. A good relationship with your bank manager will not influence the credit score – the manager may have discretion to negotiate terms but not to change the decision itself. Tell potential investors about: Include a detailed forecast of your […]